About the Artist: Jesse R. Doyle

I am a 28 year old Abstract Artist born in Rochester, New York. I graduated from Palmyra-Macedon high school in 2009 and briefly attended community college before I joined the United States Marine Corps at 19.  After being provided the opportunity to live and serve in West Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean I gained proper real life experience and worldly customs and traditions practice with the local communities. After getting out of the Marines in 2015 my views on the world and my-self changed drastically. The artwork i create is the emotional and energetic channel of expression for my observation of the world around me. In an effort to instill consciousness and self contemplation through the abstraction methods utilized in my paintings, no form or medium is out of reach. Utilizing dirt to tar to oils, etc; That which resonates will stick!

The process of creation IS the ART!

The healing process can be a long and slow journey back to our true self. The art therapy and philosophy behind “present moment experience” allows mind chatter and internal triggers to release and subside. As you become fully submerged in the moment you understand how to navigate through Empathy and Emotion instead of fear and hate. I have developed methods that will assist in spreading this mindset to the local community and beyond!

A day at The Gallery Lounge

Come in and enjoy a Coffee, Tea, or Kombucha while you browse the large variety of custom paintings by Jesse Doyle displayed throughout the building. Or! Hangout on the comfy couches while you play your best friend in a game of connect 4 or battleship! The choice is yours at The Gallery Lounge!

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